ICA Kids' World
ICA Kids' World

Our Philosophy

The focus is on your child!

 ICA Kidsworld aims to support each child individually to promote their personality and independence. In order to achieve this we focus on elements from different educational philosophies. In particular the Montessori approach of allowing each child to develop their own sense of will and self, therefore decision making and independence is encouraged. We aim to solve any conflicts that arise through a clear process and use play as a tool to work through any issues. We consider the children equals with individual needs and therefore build up a relationship of respect with each child.

We aim to support each child on their natural route through cognitive, emotional, and social development.

ICA Kids’ World’s team is trained to speak English and Spanish with the children by using the linguistic immersion method OPOL (one person, one language). This technique is well-known and has been proven successfully in children’s bilingual education.

In our institution, music is an essential element that fulfills an important role in children’s learning abilities.

Likewise, we provide children with organic food since we believe that adequate nutrition is very important for each child’s development.

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