ICA Kids' World
ICA Kids' World

Our Daily Routine

We speak with the children in English and Spanish using the OPOL Methodology (one person one language). This is a popular and effective way of raising bilingual children.

Each day we work with 12 children, who are split into age appropriate mini-groups when necessary.

We start in the morning having breakfast together at 9am. After this, through singing and playing, we learn colours, numbers, alphabet, and shapes, in both English and Spanish. When the weather is suitable, we then go outside to our secure garden area where the children can play freely and peacefully. After this, or when the weather is not so good, we stay inside and do various craft activities. Whilst waiting for lunch we read stories or look at picture books. We then all eat lunch together at 11:30 am. For the afternoon groups we repeat a similar sequence to the morning.

On Mondays and Thursdays we also have a music hour with piano and guitar accompaniment from external music teachers.

Prices for our kindergarten care will depend on the number of days and hours that you would like your child to come. Diapers, breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are included.

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