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Celebrations and Excursions



The children’s birthdays are usually celebrated at breakfast or at afternoon snack. The children usually bring something to eat with them to share.


Christmas Festival

Our Christmas celebration, enlivened with piano and guitar music, Santa Klaus arrives and distributes gifts to the children. We decorate the institution using arts and crafts made by the children.


Autumn Festival

The children have the opportunity to do autumn themed crafts to help decorate the kindergarten appropriately. We also teach the children topical songs and dances during our morning singing and learning sessions. At the end of the festival period we invite the parents and children to eat together at the kindergarten.



The team will usually pick out a theme and we and the children can celebrate with appropriate fancy dress. We will do carnival themed crafts and activities, and colourfully decorate each of the rooms in the kindergarten.


Mother's Day & Father's Day

The children make a little gift for the parents.


Farewell celebrations

For the children who are leaving us we hold a celebration on their last day and they take with them their work (drawings, and craft) as a parting gift.


Other Festivals

Other festivals such as Halloween, Nikolaus (a German tradition held on December 6th), are also celebrated. For these we decorate the kindergarten and sing seasonal songs, do topical crafts, and read stories.


Trips and Excursions

We often take short trips to local attractions such as the zoo or the Palmen Garten. All of

these events are integral parts of the mini-kindergarten and we are keen to involving parents in preparation and celebration of all the events.

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